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Software Engineering and Data Transformation student

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Sohtware Engineering and Data Transformation student minoring in Business Management

Our today’s applicant is a Software Engineering and Data Transformation student (minoring in Business Management), who is expected to graduate next year with his master’s degree. In addition to his master’s degree, he has a higher diploma in Information Technology from Sri Lanka and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (specializing in Information Technology) from Australia.

Our applicant is originally from Sri Lanka and has moved to Finland last year. He has loved his stay here and is now looking for a job in Finland. More specifically, he is looking for a job in the IT sector, from which he already has gained experience. He especially likes meeting new people and helping others. His wish is to get into consulting.

His latest work experience was as a Junior Executive in quality control. He has also worked as a Production Planning intern as a part of a SAP functional consultant team and as an Information Technology Industrial Trainee.

Due to his international background, our applicant has very good English language skills. He is also currently studying Finnish.

Our applicant is someone who likes to get out of his comfort zone to develop himself. He is dedicated to his job and always gives his best effort. He likes to work as a part of a team and achieve goals through teamwork. He aims to inspire and help others, and always treats others fairly.

His studies are online so they can be easily combined with work. At the moment he could work up to 30 hours per week, and in the summer he could work full-time. If you’re interested, please contact us soon so we can discuss more!



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Patricia Aschan arkisin klo. 9-16

Puh. 040 727 2332

S-posti: patricia.aschan@seasons.fi


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